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A Ticket to Paradise by Robyn Buntin

A Ticket to Paradise by Robyn Buntin

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a visual poem of ascending effortlessly toward a place without the edges of definition, paradise

Experience the vibrant colors and modern aesthetic of this stunning print on glass, A Ticket to Paradise by Robyn Buntin. Measuring 21-1/2 inches wide by 28-3/4 inches tall (55cm wide by 73cm tall), this archival fine art print on glass captures the fine detail and textures of the original oil painting and adds a clean and polished appearance that seamlessly fits any interior design.

Place it in your living room for an eye-catching display, or get creative and add a touch of elegance to your bathrooms, kitchen, or outdoor spaces. With archival inks expertly printed to the reverse of the glass, cleaning and maintaining this artwork is a breeze, even in tropical climates like Hawaii. 

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